Systemic leadership

Leadership based on systemic principles means that you learn to become aware. It means that besides directing your attention to your employees, your environment and your customers, you especially have developed you own inspiration, passion and inner strength. That besides a resilient spirit, you also have a vital and relaxed body and that you can see things with an empathic, intuitive and clear look. That you are firm when needed and that you can listen when asked. All this to get more out of life yourself, to be able to really be yourself and to know yourself. And of course also to really reach and affect others and to score together.

From a powerful alliance between passion and professionalism at Boer & Croon, we have created several successful business programs, including: ‘The power of connection’, ‘Sales leadership’ and also leadership journeys.

‘The power of connection’

‘The power of connection’ is a customized management development program. We have successfully carried out this program with various clients. The basis of the program is that you first really connect with yourself, your personal vision and your dream and then subsequently connect with the others, to finally close with your shared vision and clear path for the future. For this we use the Boer & Croon so-called ‘four wind regions’ model as a wonderful guide, where ‘East’ indicates your personal passion, ‘South’ for the connection to each other, ‘North’ for the processes and structures and finally ‘West’ for your common goal.

‘Sales leadership’

In ‘Sales leadership’ our organizational constellations really show their strength. Investigation of certain leads, prospects and customers has proven to be very insightful. We can, for example, can gain insight into why a particular contract proposal was lost. In general we can get more insight as to how the customer can be approached best and which aspects of our organization are not ‘alligned’ with the customer. Our client have been really amazed at the results of this program, especially with the contributions of organizational constellations.

Leadership Travel

An awareness trip with nature as a mirror. For everyone who wants to connect with his or her deep power and passion. A journey that will bring you peace, space and deph. We have chosen a nature reserve in Norway to make our first trip. For anyone who wants to give leadership to his or her own existence. For more information go to Leadership journey.

In all these programs, we have incorporated our knowledge of the functioning of organizational constellations. We sum this up together under the name of Systemic Leadership. For reservations or questions please call +31 (0)6 81797747 or use the Contact Form.

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