Systemic insights into the heart of an earthbound economics

For my grandchilderen

I guided a very special constellation in The Hague the other day (november 2011). What made itself known was…., how important the next generations are in our policy forming. We could observe a deep change within the way we use the stock markets, the sudden change came, when the ‘pensionists’ moved their primary focus from the amount of interest on their stock portfolio’s to the welfare of their grandchilderen. This small shift can look like this. Many large investors in the stock market are through pension funds, this is about the height of return on investment in the short term, because people want to have as high as possible pension, right! Now when all these people start asking questions about what their money is being used for, and more importantly how is the impact of their investments on the welfare of the coming generations, their grandchilderen?

An other interesting dynamic was that we need to give up our moral higher idealistic causes to reconnect with the reality of economics, to return to a focus on the next generations, our children and their children and their children….

So this new way of reconnecting the heart of economy with the heart of the earth as the source for all children to be fed. After this present government which helps to make that transition. The new transition brought about by the new inspired Occupy movement and Arab spring brings about a new change a feminine motherly style of government with a clear foundation in earthbound economics and future generations.

Earth bound economics is a focus where exchange of goods for the best prices helps as many people as possible to be fed….economics is a way to become very efficient and effective in allocating our resources, so all can be fed.

As some Rabobank toppeople say: Rabobank feeding the next generation. By helping the best farmers to be even better, they can produce more for a better price and feed as many people as possible, without destroying our precious biodiversity that we need to have a sustainable earth, with plenty of good soil and forest for new medications.




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