Individual Sessions

Besides our Family Constellation Workshops and Family Constellation Weekends it is also possible to do an individual session with us. Such an individual session can be a family constellation, but also a relationship, career, health or, for example, dream home constellation. We can set up any major life theme!

Obviously, an individual session is done without a group. These sessions, however, are just as powerful as our work in groups, since they are rooted in the same life force. In an individual session we only work with you and/or perhaps your partner. We can use different ways to set up your question. Think of sheets of paper on the floor, visualizations, pieces of chess or an intense conversation.

Your Contribution

An individual sessions cost € 145.  Depending on the experience of the partner constellator other contributions are possible. An appointment must at least be canceled 48 hours in advance, otherwise it will be fully charged. You are solely responsible for your own process.

Practical information

The open workshops are provided by Hylke Bonnema regularly at his office in Alkmaar Noord: in de Hooge Waerder, Drechterwaard 102. Directly opposite to the train station, with parking. Easily accessible by train from across the country. Both from Amsterdam, but also from The Hague. Take, for example, the IC from Nijmegen, Utrecht and Amsterdam to Den Helder, from Amsterdam CS it is still over half an hour. Get out, under the railway and then you see the building, right next to the station on your left.

Constellations over the phone

Sometimes you just need a mirror. You can then also be coached by phone. Similar rates as an individual session apply.

The traveling constellator

If you live in another part of the Netherlands and would like an individual session closer to home please check the stations of the connected partners. The price is including 50 cents per kilometer, depending on the residence of the partner. If multiple people participate, we ask a contribution of € 25 pp. Finally, there is also the possibility to invite us for an individual session at your home. You can ask for a constellation anywhere in the Netherlands. For reservations or questions please call +31 (0)6 81797747 or use the Contact Form.

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