We are grateful to Bert Hellinger for his courage to bring us further, without previously knowing where. This basic phenomenological stance teaches us to stay with what is, without testing reality from a theoretical reference framework. It teaches us to observe in the here and now, what we experience, see and feel. It teaches us to follow the deeper movement.

We are grateful to Bert for his courage to speak out his perception and truth, even though public opinion is often against him. His love of the unseen, the undercurrent and his wisdom. We are grateful for his gift to reconcile good and bad, and with that to bring real peace.

His innovative insights into the function of conscience and the order of love. His sober and yet deep spirituality. And also for his little boys smile and his deep love for life, just as it is.

The emergence of family constellations

Bert experienced World War 2 in his young years, even though he was saved from the Nazis by his Catholic parents. Yet he eventually had to employ. After the war he became a priest and he worked as headmaster in South Africa of the Zulus for many years. Here he saw that the Catholic mis and Zulu rituals had many similarities. It is here were he began his path of self-examination, with e.g. dialogue groups.

After having retired around the age of 50, he has investigatedĀ  many other methods and teachers, including psychoanalysis, primal scream, Virginia Satir’s “family sculpting”, NLP, Erickson and many more. From this he developed, it is better to say, emerged in his work with groups the constellation methodology. It was still only about family constellations. In 1998 Bert did a constellation with Gunthard Weber about his organisation, this was the birth of organizational constellations.

Bert is currently 84 and a group is working to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize. More information about Bert Hellinger and his work can be found on

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